Info about Follonica

Follonica definitely falls between the main seaside resorts of Tuscany with many attractions that each year bring the country thousands of tourists and vacationers.

What you should know about Follonica

Follonica is a town located along the beach of the bay in front of the Island of Elba. It is an ideal place to spend their holidays and is located in the vicinity of many other places rich in attractions: just think that it is just 25 minutes from Castiglione della Pescaia (21 km), which is the center of tourism in Maremma . The main attraction that makes a place truly exclusive Follonica is certainly the lush pine forest: We should not forget the many certificates that each year receives the Maremma town because of the quality of its sea, as well as for efficient services and an environment kept clean. Follonica is the ideal place not only for families but also for young people can have fun thanks to the many places to spend pleasant evenings. There are also many things to see and visit: in short, no one will be bored in Follonica.

Follonica, what to see and to visit

For those who decide to spend their holidays in Follonica, no shortage of ideas for tourist routes. Particular will be the view of the former Ilva this fully residential center in Follonica: boasts ancient origins and is also home to the Museum of Arts Cast Iron Maremma, as well as the prestigious library. Will jump immediately to the eye portal in this cast at the entrance of the structure. The only church in Italy with the pediment cast iron is present precisely in Follonica: it is the church of San Leopoldo, in which a stop to admire the beauty is necessary. On the hills behind Follonica you can also find the characteristic remains of the Valleys over the imposing castle walls that sink their roots in the first century after Christ. For those who love the ancient villages with the historical tradition events, it recommends a visit to the nearby Scarlino. Precisely in this village there are a number of ways and particularly exciting medieval alleys.

What to do in Follonica

Certainly no shortage of ideas about things to do to make unique your holiday in Follonica. For the kids, there’s the fun amusement park Aquapark, but not all: in fact you can take a walk in the Park Hills Metallifere Grossetane or in the Montioni Natural Park. For those who love to visit museums at Follonica is the beautiful Civic Art Gallery, in addition to sovracitati Museum of Arts Cast Iron Maremmane and library. Torremozza and Carboniferous are the main beaches of Follonica in which it is advisable to spend some time relaxing: it’s worth it, also because of the quality of the sea and a very clear sand and definitely feature.

The attractions for those who spend a holiday in Follonica there are also from the gastronomic point of view: there are numerous restaurants in the area in which to enjoy good food. Without forgetting the features and warm evenings that are organized by most local on the gulf.