The nature reserve of Diaccia Botrona

The Nature Reserve of Diaccia Botrona is a Protected Park, situated in the municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia, in the heart of Maremma of Tuscany, a predominantly wet and marshy environment, inside it lies the Lake Prile, in past large and flourishing, nowadays completely dry, as result of the drainage works done by the family of Lorena.

Inside it is a very rich and varied flora, you can see reeds, willows, elms, rushes, sea lavender, ash, saltworts but also rosemary, pine and Mediterranean bush.

As for the local flora, instead, the swamp of the Nature Reserve of Diaccia Botrona, hosts harriers, bitterns, wild geese, flamingos, osprey, cranes, snipe, teal, mallards, knights of Italy, herons and egrets.