Marina di Scarlino

Near Castiglione della Pescaia, in the Maremma, there is a beautiful resort, Marina di Scarlino, where you can have a holiday both relaxing and active. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting beach resorts to be found in the area. It is situated in a spectacular location and boasts a unique style. In fact, the resort of Marina di Scarlino has the admiration of both the local owners as well as masters of pleasure boats. In this area, there are excellent marine services that can satisfy all the needs of the nautical type life all under the important partnership with Nautor’s Swan.

A seaside resort for sports

Marina di Scarlino, by virtue of a combination of excellence, is also the home of sea sporting events at international level. In fact, throughout the year many sailing regattas take off from this port. Busy for many years, this beautiful tourist area also has one of the largest and most famous sailing schools in Italy.

Shopping in Marina di Scarlino

At the end of a pleasant day on the boat, you can also enjoy some shopping in the tourist resort of Marina di Scarlino. In fact, in Marina di Scarlino you can find yourself in a lovely and comfortable shopping area. There is a vast and rich commercial gallery, which is located on the ground floor of a large resort. The gallery offers tourists a wide range of services and products which they can take advantage of without straying far from their stay.

For boaters

Marina di Scarlino provides the possibility for yachtsmen to have numerous berths. There are two types of call: at the Marina or at the Port Channel. The Marina of the resort has over 500 berths and 56 of them are reserved for transit boats. There are also many holiday apartments in Marina di Scarlino, designed to highlight the view of the magnificent sea and also on the various islands belonging to the Tuscan Archipelago.