Info about Tirli

There are places that will forever hold a place in our heart. Tirli, a hamlet of Castiglione della Pescaia, is definitely one of those. A small medieval village perched on a mountain, flaunts breathtaking views from both the woods that surround it to the more classical Maremma views. Tirli is precisely what characterizes a spectacular nature environment typical of the Mediterranean with many forests of chestnut and oak trees. It is here that you can get in close contact with many animals such as wild boars, hares and deer. Built on top of a hill, you can also enjoy the view of a magnificent beach, which is just half an hour.

History and monuments

It is not only the natural environment and makes Tirli a small Tuscan pearl. It is, in fact, a country rich in history and interesting monuments to visit. Tirli has known the apex of splendor around the sixteenth century when it was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. During those years, many monastic communities were growing and these places were ideal for the construction of monasteries and hermitages. Among these, although non existant today, the most famous is the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace. In addition to this, the l ‘Hermitage of St. William of Maleval deserves a visit as it is located in the woods around Tirli as well as the’ Hermitage of St. Anne, both built by the Augustinians. Immersed in nature and surrounded by very beautiful pathways; they are essential stops for walkers. In the most central square of the village, don’t miss the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle and the adjacent Convent of St. Augustine. Finally, the old town, typically medieval, deserves a stroll to admire the most hidden and evocative splendor.

Keep in mind also that not far (just 20 kilometers), there are the ruins of the ‘ancient Etruscan city of Vetulonia.


Like any self-respecting Italian village, Tirli does not disappoint from the culinary point of view. Different animals populate the woods that surround it with the most popular hunt being the wild boar. Locals have a thousand recipes and methods to cook including the popular “cacciatore” made with chestnuts, apples or fresh mushrooms. It is sure to be a dish that your palate hardly will forget. Make sure to also try the tortellini maremmani, which is of course served with a rich sauce of wild boar.


And finally, we give voice to popular legends that characterize Tirli. It is said, that during the Saracen invasions, the pirates had not found the city because it was so well hidden by thick woods. However, just as the Arabs were returning to their ships, a cock crowed, allowing them to identify the city and kidnap almost all the inhabitants. Lastly, as in any medieval village, you cannot miss the “magical” fountain. Located inside of the forest in the vicinity of Hermitage of Saint Anne, legend has it that all women who drink from its waters can easily become pregnant.