About Roccamare

Roccamare is in the province of Grosseto and only a handful of kilometers north of Castiglione della Pescaia. This location is a very special jewel; it is surrounded by nature and sits in front of the vivid blue sea. A thick and lush pine forest surrounds the village, next to which also runs a short course of water called the Tonfone. It allows the flow of waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea to meet the beaches of Roccamare.

The unspoiled beauty of this Tuscan village makes it the best place to spend your days relaxing. Not surprisingly, it has long been the town’s favorite vacation spot. Italo Calvino, a well-known writer, has written and set a book, ‘Palomar’, in this very village.

The beaches of Roccamare

Of course the biggest attraction of this area is its beautiful sea; a soft, golden sandy beach which leads to the crystal clear waters, awarded by Legambiente because of their purity. There are many beaches that you can visit, and each provide for a breathtaking view, boundless, to the West.

Especially beautiful Cala Violina, a beach that can be reached only by sea or through the woods. The wind from the coast produces a delicate sound that has earned the beach its name.

The Roccamare beach is known among lovers of water sports: it is perfect for surfing and wind surfing, and Roccamare hosts a sailing club that promises to keep the afternoons out of the ordinary. The nearby Monte Argentario promontory is a great place for scuba diving; the clear waters allow you to see corals, schools of fish, and to grab your own personal souvenir among many shells.

The pine forest of Roccamare

If the sea is not enough, there is the whole of Maremma. Surrounding Roccamare, the pine forest spreads across more than eight kilometers and is lush with Mediterranean vegetation. You can travel the forest in its entirety via a bike path that starts from Castiglione della Pescaia and leads up to Bivio di Rocchette. It is sure to guarantee an immersion in the intimacy of nature. At this point, you can find yourself very close to Forte delle Rocchette, a small fortress born in the fifteenth century that dominates the sky, land and sea from its elevated position.

Only five kilometers away is Punta Ala. It is here that you can find a golf club, which is also surrounded by greenery and the peaceful ambiance of the Mediterranean.

Finally, the Terme di Saturnia is worth a visit. It has been very popular since it’s discovery in ancient times. It is characterized by spas, which are spread over a series of waterfalls that flow into small, cozy limestone pools where you soak.

Travel routes and art

Roccamare was born only a century ago with the intentions of creating a modern community, which gives respect to the natural air that hovers over these places. The result is an atmosphere of calm and deep relaxation that retains all of the modern infrastructure. Although Roccamare has a long history behind it, there are several architectural and artistic structures built in the 50s that are sure to attract the interest of art lovers. The most interesting is undoubtedly Villa Bartolini, whose historical artistic value has been certified by the Cultural and Landscape heritage of Tuscany.

If you want, instead, to enjoy the oldest styles and homes, then you can not go wrong with Castiglione della Pescaia. Only a few minutes drive away, the capital city offers ancient architectures (especially Roman and Etruscan) and has had a prosperous medieval history. At Vetulonia, you can admire the Etruscan era and visit a detailed Archaeological Museum.