Info on Cala Martina

Near Castiglione della Pescaia is Cala Martina, a small corner of wild paradise enclosed between two headlands and surrounded by greenery.

How to get there

Getting to Cala Martina is quite simple. Coming from Castiglione della Pescaia, take the state of Collacchie towards Follonica. After ten kilometers you will see a sign that will tell where to turn, left, to reach the falls. Continue about one kilometer down a gravel road and you come to the parking lot. In summer, parking is chargeable.

What to see

The beach is about a kilometer from the car park. Though it is a pleasant walk through the woods, the trails are not well marked. It is better to come well equipped, as you will not find on site refreshments. The beach opens up to a beautiful landscape upon arrival. However, without shoes it is difficult to walk on the shoreline. There is little sand, some rocks and many pebbles. The stones come right out of the sea. This might explain why the water is crystal clear and reflected with beautiful colors. It is not uncommon to see small fish and shrimp swimming about.

What to do

Cala Martina is only the first of three small coves. The other are called Drops the Owls and the very famous falls Violin. If you want to take a nice walk, the Coastal path unites them. You can only go down the path via foot, bike or horseback. It is forbidden to use motor vehicles. If you are fan of mountain biking, you will find many routes in the nature reserve of Banish Scarlino part of Cala Martina. For lovers of the marine world, you can dive up to twelve meters to admire rocks rich with fish and anemones.

What to visit

Cala Martina is known as the point where Giuseppe Garibaldi was famously able to board a ship to Porto Venere while being chased by papal guards on September 2, 1849. This day is memorialized in the form of a monument dedicated to him one hundred years later by sculptor Ptolemy Faccendi. It can be found along the trail to the falls.