Info about Marina di Alberese

Less than fifty kilometers from Castiglione della Pescaia is Marina di Alberese, a beautiful golden beach in the Maremma Regional Park.

How to get there.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to reach. Once you arrive in the Maremma Regional Park, it is advisable to leave your vehicle in the parking lot and continue to Alberese on one of the free shuttles provided by the park. You can also reach the beach via a long eight-kilometer bike path.

What to do.

Upon arrival, you can find yourself facing an enchanting, fine sand, clear blue sea beach. Behind some thick vegetation hides the Al’arenile restaurant. As a result of its long coast and remote location, the beach is much less crowded. An ideal way to enjoy a little relaxation in the midst of unspoiled nature. If you continue to the south the beach is used by naturists.

What to see

You can enjoy long walks in the wilderness of the natural park that surrounds the beach. You can also spot Chianina cows and wild horses on the road that travels through the large meadows and ends at the beach. It is not uncommon to see wild animals such as foxes that reach the shore in search of food left by tourists. The single houses were built by bathers with trunks. From the shore you can see the island of Giglio and the Argentario.

What to visit

In the adjacent park is the Abbey of San Rabano, a former Benedictine monastery built during the eleventh century. It is now in ruins but still retains its beautiful bell tower. Nearby, is the recently restored Uccellina tower built in the fourteenth century. We can also admire the tower of Castel Marino of the thirteenth century and the very well preserved Collelungo tower in the park.


This location is ideal for those who love wild and unspoiled places. There are no services and the beach is free of deckchairs and umbrellas. Dogs are not permitted in this area. During the summer it is as refreshing as it is active. Being as it is a natural park, visitors are expected to clean up after themselves and respect the environment as they would in any other place.