Info about Cala di Forno

Cala di Forno is located in Tuscany in the municipality of Magliano in the Maremma Park. This pretty little bay is located between the town of Talamone and the mouth of the river Ombrone. It is a small but wonderful marine oasis. Cala di Forno is managed by three sisters, named Sabina, Antonella, and Francesca, who belonging to the Vivarelli Colonna family. This beautiful resort is surrounded by nature and tourists fall into the rhythm of things naturally as if they were locals.

A beautiful and ancient port

Cala di Forno was the last sea landing of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in the period prior to the Papal State. In the past, La Cala was also a place known for border smuggling. Today, the main building shows representations from their Ancient Customs, which is still virtually intact. It is also the home of many fishermen; some of who live in small detached properties. In Cala di Forno, you can still see the walls of an old port, a beautiful fountain, and a cistern, which is used for the collection of water supply. It is the end point of the aqueduct that comes down from the mountain.

The Mediterranean

Around Cala di Forno reigns the Mediterranean with a field of olive trees located behind the various houses. The famous tower, which can be seen in Cala di Forno, dominates the area on the hill to the south. From the tower, you can also admire the beauty of Collelungo beach to the north.

The legendary story of Cala di Forno

This location is home to the fascinating story of the “Bella Marsilia.” The Vivarelli family owned Margherita di Giovanni Marsili, a young woman who lived in the castle of Collecchio in the High Tower. In 1543, the girl was kidnapped during a raid by the Turks and was shipped to Istanbul to be presented in the Great Suleiman court. In his harem, Marseilles was the favorite and eventually ordered the killing of the wife of the Sultan. Later, she married the Grand Suleiman and became the sovereign Empress of what was then the Ottoman Empire.